Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bureauracy Question

Topic: Is the Federal bureaucracy too big to be effective?

I believe that the Federal Bureaucracy has become too large to be effective. It has become so bloated that it seems Congressman don't make their own decisions or decisions based on the needs of their constituents anymore. Instead they give in to lobbyists who woo them with gifts, expensive dinners, and money. There was a study done recently about lobbying that found lobbyists' spending increased dramatically during the recession. "Special interest spending on Capitol Hill broke records in 2009, topping $3.47 billion." This is troubling because it means that lots of businesses are spending money to push their agenda through the government rather than putting it towards helping the struggling economy. "'While companies are slashing jobs, while companies are scaling back other operations, they are in fact boosting their operations when it comes to trying to influence lawmakers,' said Dave Levinthal." The article is at and is called "Lobbyists Enjoy Windfall Despite Pledges to Rein In Special Interest Influence."

The government has taken up responsibility for so many elements of its citizens' lives that it cannot provide all of the services it promises with the money it takes in. Medicare and Medicaid spending is already excessive and nationalizing health care is just adding another logistical and funding burden. The government, and the bureaucracy in particular, has gotten so big that it is off-balance and cannot keep up with all of its responsibilities. It keeps putting money towards new ideas and new programs when the existing ones are struggling and underfunded.

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